Sanctity of Life:
The Inescapable Issue


Charles R. Swindoll




Foreword:  Dr. James C. Dobson    ix

Introduction:  From My Heart to Yours    xiii

1.  The Sanctity of Life    1

2.  Abortion . . . after the Fact   31

3.  A Plea for Morality   51

4.  A Time for Strong Resolve    77

Endnotes    101

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1. Abortion Religious aspects Christianity
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With great admiration, this volume is dedicated

to the young women who lived in our home

while carrying their babies.

Though unmarried, they refused an abortion.

Tearfully, each one released her infant

to the loving arms of adoptive parents,

whose long-awaited dreams were fulfilled.

My family and I thank God upon every remembrance

of their courage and unselfishness.

Chuck Swindoll


Here's straight talk you wouldn't have heard from the pulpit 50 years ago. Even five years ago. In fact, it is the first time this well known pastor speaks out on the inescapable issue of our day: abortion.

    While Sanctity of Life decries society's penchant for abortion on demand, the book is more than just another call for legislative action. Instead, Chuck Swindoll wants his words to help Christians "get their arms around" the nation's most divisive issue, reach out to women and their families who are enduring the aftermath of a bad decision, and then move beyond the tension of the issue to join in a plea for lifetime morality.

    Chuck Swindoll believes that the 1990's is not the time for Christians to slacken their efforts either in opposing abortion or in advocating moral purity. Now is the moment for renewed vigor in social action and, above all, godly living.

    Sanctity of Life is a book on resolve, courage, and compassion. It is not the last word on abortion, but it is the definitive position on moral living for Christians today.

CHUCK SWINDOLL was senior pastor of the First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, California from 1971 to 1994. He is the author of such bestselling books as Dropping Your Guard, Strengthening Your Grip, Living On the Ragged Edge, and Living Above the Level of Mediocrity, and his radio ministry "Insight For Living" is heard around the world every day of the week.

Dr. Swindoll is Chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary

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He is Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church currently sells 87 books by Pastor Chuck


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