Peace With God by Billy Graham

Peace With God by Billy Graham

Copyright 1984, by Billy Graham.

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1. Theology Doctrinal Popular Works.  2. Christian life Baptist authors.

BT 77.G78 || LC: 84-17421 || ISBN 0-8499-0464-1 || OCLC: 11088932 || 221 p.

Peace With God, translated into 11 languages, is presently held by 2,035 library systems throughout the world including Louisiana State University and Wheaton College.

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Table of Contents


Part One: Assessing the Situation

1.  The Great Quest
2.  The Indestructible Bible
3.  What Is God Like?
4.  The Terrible Fact of Sin
5.  Dealing With the Devil
6.  The Despair of Loneliness
7.  After Death

Part Two: Advancing the Solution

8.  Why Jesus Came
9.  How and Where to Begin
10.  What Is Repentance?
11.  What Is Faith?
12.  The Old and the New
13.  How to Be Sure

Part Three: Applying The Antidote

14.  Enemies of the Christian
15.  Guidelines for Christian Living
16.  The Christian and the Church
17.  Am I My Brother's Keeper?
18.  Hope for the Future
19.  Peace at Last
20.  The Day After


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